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Marathon Training

My first race recap post! Are you ready? Time: 4:34:19 Overall: 10,352 out of 23,529 (top 50%!!) Females: 3,370 out of 10,004 Age group (20-24): 290 out of 711 Having never run a race before (not even spectated!), I had absolutely NO idea what to expect. It was like my first day of school. I [...]


I Ran a Marathon!

by Allie on October 28, 2012 · 53 comments

in Marathon Training,Running

I DID IT!!! I ran a marathon! My official time was 4:34. Average pace: 10:28 min/mile. What an incredible experience. 26.2 miles I will never ever forget. My Garmin calculated 26.77 miles, which I can actually believe because I did quite a bit of swerving. Between the long walk from the Metro station to the [...]


Marathon Time!

by Allie on October 28, 2012 · 18 comments

in Marathon Training,Running

Oh yes. The time has come! *If you want to track me, register for updates here. You can get texts/emails/tweets sent to you every 10k. Updates will also be sent out through my¬†Twitter account too…follow me! So I’m not as nervous about this race as I was earlier this week. Phew! I’m actually about 98% [...]


We’re just 4 days away from the big day, folks! Aaaaand I’mOMGfreakingoutlikewhoa. My dear non-running friends, I apologize for the heavy run talk as of late. It’s just, well, I’ve never run a marathon before. WAIT, I’ve never even run a RACE before (!!). I probably should’ve signed up for a 5k at least to [...]

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