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My Story

This is how it all started…

During my sophomore year of college, my emotional well-being took a huge hit. I went from a fun-loving, bubbly girl to a broken, lifeless person I no longer recognized. A combination of loneliness, stress, and depression crushed me into pieces and putting myself back together was harder than I could handle. I turned to running as a way to escape. Running allowed me to think through everything that was going on, while at the same time, offered me a window of time where nothing mattered. Experiencing runner’s high was the only way I knew to make myself feel “better.” Of course, I ran too much too soon…on old shoes. I went from running zero miles to running eight miles every single day until finally I got a stress fracture in my right shin. It took about a month.

It doesn’t end there. Not being able to run left me helpless. Elation was nowhere in sight. I needed to control something, anything. The dice landed on food. Every morsel I denied myself, I felt that much better. My clothes became loose, baggy, un-wearable. I continued exercising on the elliptical and Arctrainer machines until the world spun hoping for the same rush I got from running.

Healing didn’t begin until I got out of school that year. I studied abroad in Mexico during the summer and then London that fall. I met remarkable people that showed me life beyond food and working out; that life was more than the number on the scale.


The experience, although difficult and emotional, has a bright side. It sparked my interest in nutrition, cooking, and fitness. I have learned the importance of fueling my body properly to live a long and healthy life.