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A First Class First

by Allie on November 12, 2010 · 33 comments

in Breakfast,Lunch,Trips

There’s a first for everything right? Well, today I got to sit in First Class for the first time in my entire life. My dad and I were beyond excited (it was borderline embarrassing how giddy we were). We’re a rather frugal family so we always opt for the cheapest travel options. Thus, the First [...]


Me Against The Clock

by Allie on November 3, 2010 · 35 comments

in Breakfast,Dinner,Fitness,Snacks

Today has been all about planning, packing and baking for the 2nd annual Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco, CA! I’m flying out tomorrow morning and I get back super early on Tuesday (red eye flight). Who’s going?! Let me know! To say I’m excited would be a serious understatement. However, I am a last minute [...]


I’m SO late tonight! It’s been a rather loooong day. Dork moment: As I laid in bed last night, I thought to myself: what was I thinking buying a tub of Greek yogurt and a tray of raspberries from Costco when I’m flying to San Francisco on Thursday? And opening a can of pumpkin?! Uh [...]


Before blogging… I didn’t pack my clonky camera in my gym bag just incase I came across some pretty fall foliage on the walk over. (looks like somebody is ready for Christmas) I didn’t whip out my camera to take photos of pumpkins that did not belong to me….or any pumpkins for that matter. Don’t [...]

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