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<–she wears snow shorts! This winter, the DC area has escaped snow storms left and right. All of the snow that has hit the East Coast has somehow missed us by just a few miles. Sure, we’ve been getting 2-3 inches here and there (and even a 5 incher), but nothing unmanageable… …until today! I’m definitely [...]


Guess where I ended up today? Yep, DC…again! It’s funny, now that we live farther away from DC, I find myself going back more often. I’m making up for lost time, I suppose. There are actually quite a few things I have yet to see [in my own backyard] including the inside of the White [...]


Unintentionally, I was pretty ‘unplugged’ last week. Between my trip to NYC and my adventures in dog sitting, I didn’t spend nearly as much time as I normally do in front of the computer screen. While I have a lot to catch up on now, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the time away. It [...]


Is finding a job like finding true love? Will the perfect job magically show up one day when I’m least expecting it? source Nice try, Allie. It was a lovely thought while it lasted though. *** No hands?! I cannot believe so many of you commented that you would rather have NO hands than smell [...]

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