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Frozen Yogurt

I’m SO late tonight! It’s been a rather loooong day. Dork moment: As I laid in bed last night, I thought to myself: what was I thinking buying a tub of Greek yogurt and a tray of raspberries from Costco when I’m flying to San Francisco on Thursday? And opening a can of pumpkin?! Uh [...]


Greetings from Charlottesville, VA! More specifically, the KERF house, where I am staying overnight. A group of us travelled to KERFville this weekend to celebrate Kath‘s birthday. A weekend agenda consisting of delicious food with old + new friends? I’m there! Quick geography lesson: I’m from the northern part of VA (outside of DC) and [...]


Confession: I took 24 photos of the Washington Monument yesterday AND I got lost looking for the metro station. Yeah, I’ve only lived here for 20 years (!!). I moved from Kansas (where I was born) to the Washington DC area when I was 2 years old. While I don’t venture into the city all [...]


My Saturday started off with a bang! I went on a run outside and covered 5 hilly miles. It wasn’t easy. I took a couple walking breaks. But I did it. Afterwards, I felt like I had more to give so I went to the condo gym for 20 min. on the elliptical and 20 [...]

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