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Goat Cheese

I quickly shot this while crossing the street in DC yesterday… It was just a street, but with that beautiful bloomin’ tree and the golden sunset…my goodness gracious. That’s what I love about photography. You can take something as ordinary as a street and turn it into something extraordinary. You know my favorite part about [...]


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’ve got some fun flashback photos for you tonight. Here I am on my very first Halloween wearing my brother’s Peter Pan hat. Major sweet tooth and super flexible…some things never change. *** A couple years later, I was a pumpkin witch/custodian…? I was quite the candy monster! I think I was a [...]


Before blogging… I didn’t pack my clonky camera in my gym bag just incase I came across some pretty fall foliage on the walk over. (looks like somebody is ready for Christmas) I didn’t whip out my camera to take photos of pumpkins that did not belong to me….or any pumpkins for that matter. Don’t [...]


Crazy Eight

by Allie on October 26, 2010 · 60 comments

in Dinner,Fitness,Lunch,Recipes,Snacks

8 MILES!!! I ran 8 miles today—crazy! I’ve only run 8 miles once before¬†and that was exactly 3 years ago. It was the last run before my stress fracture creeped in. That run happened after a month of running without a day of rest. As I describe in my story, I went from running 0 [...]

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