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Training Day went great! We learned a whole lot—how to knead and shape bread loaves, how to cut bread slices (there’s an art to it!), and how to pamper our customers. Many of you have asked what I’ll be doing at Great Harvest. For the most part, I’ll be working in the customer service department. [...]


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’ve got some fun flashback photos for you tonight. Here I am on my very first Halloween wearing my brother’s Peter Pan hat. Major sweet tooth and super flexible…some things never change. *** A couple years later, I was a pumpkin witch/custodian…? I was quite the candy monster! I think I was a [...]


Crazy Eight

by Allie on October 26, 2010 · 60 comments

in Dinner,Fitness,Lunch,Recipes,Snacks

8 MILES!!! I ran 8 miles today—crazy! I’ve only run 8 miles once before¬†and that was exactly 3 years ago. It was the last run before my stress fracture creeped in. That run happened after a month of running without a day of rest. As I describe in my story, I went from running 0 [...]


I spent exactly 26 hours in Charlottesville this past weekend (arrived at 12 PM, left at 2 PM). It zoomed by in the blink of an eye, YET with all our shenanigans it felt like I was there for days! (26 may just be a number that comes after 25 and before 27 but don’t [...]

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