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Okay, when did this happen?! I suppose I’m okay with it because it just means more of this can happen… 4 sweaty miles. It might be September, but it was HOT out there today. I don’t know how this happened (a blenderful is a portion, right? Of course). But I do know how this happened! [...]


Training Day went great! We learned a whole lot—how to knead and shape bread loaves, how to cut bread slices (there’s an art to it!), and how to pamper our customers. Many of you have asked what I’ll be doing at Great Harvest. For the most part, I’ll be working in the customer service department. [...]


<–she wears snow shorts! This winter, the DC area has escaped snow storms left and right. All of the snow that has hit the East Coast has somehow missed us by just a few miles. Sure, we’ve been getting 2-3 inches here and there (and even a 5 incher), but nothing unmanageable… …until today! I’m definitely [...]


A First Class First

by Allie on November 12, 2010 · 33 comments

in Breakfast,Lunch,Trips

There’s a first for everything right? Well, today I got to sit in First Class for the first time in my entire life. My dad and I were beyond excited (it was borderline embarrassing how giddy we were). We’re a rather frugal family so we always opt for the cheapest travel options. Thus, the First [...]

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