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Pour Some Rain On Me

by Allie on September 3, 2011 · 33 comments

in Fitness,Lunch,Peter's Kitchen

Ohh in the name of [running] love… By the numbers… 1 soaking wet Allie 2 dogs who wanted to take big ol’ bite out of my leg (!!) 3 (thousand) ultra loud claps of thunder 4 times “Mine” by Taylor Swift came on my iPod shuffle <–not so shuffle, huh? 5 diligent husbands spotted mowing [...]


Allie and the City

by Allie on April 4, 2011 · 43 comments

in Uncategorized

Last night I ventured out to Whole Foods Fairfax for a blogger meet up put together by Kath. I purposely got there on the early side so I could stroll through the aisles and admire everything. Whole Foods is a lot more special when you no longer live a mile away! Not before long, it [...]


Oh hello. When I turn on the oven, Peter‘s blood pressure skyrockets. Neon dollar signs appear out of nowhere and cloud his vision. $$$$$ Peter is a not a big fan of the oven. He sees it as an energy bomb, which translates to an increased electric bill. To save money and prevent my dad [...]


Voting is now open for Project Food Blog. I need YOUR vote to advance to round 4! Click here to vote. Thank you!! *** This is how I spent all of Sunday. Rockin’ the hermit lifestyle. Sweats–check. Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea–check. (I have one box leftover from last year!) My Momma’s computer to type [...]

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